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From My Facebook 10-22-2017 9:59 AM

I often struggle with my constant to urge to joke and how serious I actually am by nature. I think my constant joking is compensation for the fact that for me everything is actually gravely serious. Having said that, I think I do have a real sense of humor and I love to laugh. In my best moments, I can't control it.

Having recently shared something about Vedanta which has been hugely influential on my life I have had concerns. My primary concern is that at a quick glance it can be mistaken for solipsism, and there is nothing I despise more than solipsism. I mean, other than Nazism, racism and genocide. After those and the like, solipsism is the worst.

Getting back to the humorous/serious dichotomy, it's easy for me to say, "I am Slackananda, here is my philosophy of Slackadanta" and then take a bunch of quotes and replace "Absolute" with "Slack" and reword them enough so it's not plagiarism. It's extraordinary how much "literary" work has been created by this exact formula. The only people that get busted for plagiarism are the lazy.

The fact is, I have something new to say. Vedanta is what I have been sharing lately, but it is only one of five major influences on me. I do have a philosophy to expound and I feel that I should do so. I want to do so, that's why I feel I should. Plus, I feel it can do no harm, and that is an important consideration for me. I have a philosophy, not a dogma.

So, here are my influences in terms of metaphysics or philosophy or whatever you want to call it. I won't ascribe exact percentages, but they can be placed in roughly equal proportion.

1. Christianity. I place this first because I was infant baptized Roman Catholic in The Mother of All Missions. Of course this was against my will because I was an infant an unable to consent. I was also circumcised against my will as an infant, but in my life I have been unable to generate any personal sense of loss or outrage about either of these occurrences. I guess I have enough other grievances that I needed no more at the time the possibility was raised. In any case, Christianity has been a force in my life. Can any in the western world say otherwise?

2. Shamanism. By this I mean a lot more than drugs, but honestly, it sort of starts with drugs. Mushrooms, to be particular. Moreso, LSD. This is no secret. It is also a long time ago. It does not end with drugs, however. I mean no disrespect to any culture by the use of the term "shaman" or "shamanism". I have a huge respect for Native American culture, but that is not what I am referring to by the term "shamanism". That term is global and embraces every continent. This is not the place to elaborate. Please see Rogan Taylor's excellent "The Death and Resurrection Show" for more information.

3. Yoga / Vedanta. My next influence was yoga. As soon as I learned about it I wanted to live in a cave in India and be in samadhi for the rest of my life. It was mind blowing. Why chase endless fleeting objects for a sense of happiness when you can engage in a discipline to endlessly unite subject and object and remain in pure bliss forever? Well, it's not simple for those born with American karma, which leads to #5 to follow. Vedanta is actually #6 in a sense, but I think it belongs here with yoga.

4. The Church of the SubGenius (Slack) / Discordianism (Principia Discordia / Eris). If you don't know, I can't explain right now. Extremely humorous metaphysics which each pack a truly legitimate philosophical wallop.

5. Western esotericism, specifically Magick / Thelema (Aleister Crowley) and Tarot. I understood magick to be "the yoga of the west" as my early understanding. As soon as I accepted that living in a cave in India was not a reasonable life goal I was desperate for anything that offered the same results while still engaging in western life. This influence, of the five, is perhaps the most important, in that it is the most prominent. It is the most on the surface and it is what seems to shape and define me and I do not deny its influence. However, I am not especially learned and I don't engage in discussion on the topic, other than, perhaps, with individuals, face to face. If anyone wants to call me a magickal ignoramus online I will happily agree and walk away to do something better with my time than debate them. Finally, what's it's really boiled down to for me is Tarot. I cannot conceive of a more perfect set of symbols. "Fortune telling" has nothing to do with it.

And here I circle back to Vedanta. I have so much more study to do in order to elaborate. I feel I am at a sense of personal realization which is sufficient for me. Then I find I am still "alive" and likely to be for some time. Since I am not a renunciate, what then should I do with my time? I would like to elaborate, perhaps to no avail, so therefore I must study. My understanding is what it is, but my means of expressing it are limited. By study I can learn words and terms and constructs and what they mean to others and perhaps arrange them into meaningful sequences.

To attempt to conclude, I do not feel that I have anything to teach. I do not value ignorance, but I feel that most people have more to unlearn than they have to learn. Realization is not attained, it is realized. It's nothing more than recognition of what we already are. This is why slack is so important.



The age of gurus has reached its end.

Life is the guru, experience is the teacher.

Truth is indisputable.

My Ritual Program

Many things aside, it's really just The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and Liber Israfel.

That's it.

The Best I Have To Share

The best I have to share is not of me, and I can take no credit for it. Credit means nothing to me. I would like to share the work of Sri Krishna Menon ~Atmananda~. I cannot speak a superlative that would be sufficient.

This is a brief biography from Atmananda Tattwa Samhita: The Direct Approach to Truth as Expounded by Sri Atmananda, 1973. It is a rare book.

I feel it is my duty to add as little of myself as possible in this post. By "myself" I mean "personality" which I know I am not. "I am the Absolute through the words of my Guru."

I find it extraordinarily interesting that Gurunathan was a police officer:

"Sri Atmananda continued as the Guru even when he was in the police service. As the A.S.P. Nagercoil, when he was on temple duty in his uniform, an avadhuta sage, Mayiamma, came that way. Stopping near him she asked him, "Is this also a karma yoga?" He answered, "Yes." She said, "You can do this." Then she walked away."

Consider the following from Notes on Spiritual Discourses of Shri Atmananda taken by Nitya Tripta (517 page PDF download).

"He had a two-fold mission in life. The first part of it – in his own words – was to expound the highest Truth, the ultimate Reality , in a manner and language understandable even to the kitchen maid.....

"The second part of his mission was to re-establish the dignity of the householder and his birthright to strive and to be liberated, while still remaining a householder."

Here are my links to my transcriptions of Atma Darshan - Atma Nirvriti, even more rare:

Atma Darshan (1-11 of 20 Chapters) By Sri Krishna Menon ~Atmananda~
Atma Darshan (Chapters 12-20 of 20) By Sri Krishna Menon ~Atmananda~
Atma Nirvriti (complete), by Sri Krishna Menon ~Atmananda~

Here follows another note from the above linked PDF, Notes on Spiritual Discourses of Shri Atmananda:

"Why such open talk?

"Shri Atmananda expounded the ultimate Truth in the most direct and uncompromising manner, and he gives his reasons here below for adopting this drastic method.

"A disciple asked: Why was secrecy so strictly observed in expounding the Truth in the old shastras?

"Gurunathan: Evidently, for fear of jeopardizing established religion and society. Religion had no place except in duality and social life. It was the prime moving force of social life in ancient times. But the concept of religion could not stand the strict logic of vedantic Truth.

"The sages of old, who recognized the great need of religion in phenomenal life, expounded the ultimate Truth under a strict cover of secrecy, thus enabling religion to play its role in lower human society. But religion in the present day world has been dethroned in many ways, and ungodly cults have come into existence in large numbers.

"Therefore it is high time now to throw off the veil of secrecy, and broadcast the whole Truth in the face of the world which has already advanced much, intellectually."

Sri Krishna Menon, Atmananda

Sri Krishna Menon, ~Atmananda~

"I am pure consciousness which knows no dissolution."


The times of gurus and prophets has passed.

Modern mass media and micro or "social" media makes it easy for anyone to put forth a message. If there are thousands of gurus or prophets are there really any? I suppose so, and perhaps I'm trying too hard to be philosophical. In any case, I am not trying very hard to get any particular message out, even to just a handful of people. This is just a record, a sort of "slackananda wuz here" statement. If I wanted to be obscure could I make a better choice than LiveJournal? MySpace?

If someone else came by and said, "I am the Serpent and the Lion," I would say "OK." It's not just a metaphor but it's OK to think of it that way if it suits you.

In an early post I referred to "My Creed." Truth would be better served by calling it "A Creed." It doesn't replace anything. Its origin can only be described as revelatory. If anyone wants to call it bullshit I can only agree that is reasonable.

I declared "Slack" as my word only to find it means "Thelema" beyond the Abyss. Utter nonsense? Quite likely.

I have benefitted from the grace of a guru, long after I had given up any and all hope of that eventuality. That lineage no longer exists. Prior to its ending I was told by someone closer to the circle than I that there would be no extension of the lineage because the world had changed to the extent that the path expounded no longer required the direct supervision of a guru to reach the highest state of consciousness, or the perception of "ultimate" reality.

If finding a guru is unthinkably difficult and unlikely, finding a prophet is impossible, just as it is impossible to be a prophet without falling one way or another toward madness or megalomania.

In any case, one cannot count on finding a guru or a prophet before engaging life. That is putting the cart before the horse to say the very least.

Now I have ended with a cliche and my favorite English teacher would be very disappointed in me.

9-24-2017 Postscript:
This seems relevant.... https://slackananda.livejournal.com/513725.html


I am the Serpent and the Lion and I believe in the Hawk and the Dove.

Thee Swift Untrodden Serpent Issa Compassionate Victorious Lion ~LIONASP

From My FaceBook 4-8-2017 10:24PM

I've got a lot to say, and I'm already here on Facebook. I've been actively searching for another site where I could do an esoteric blog and be fully forthright about my mystical and magickal interests as well as my daily program. Recently, that has been completely revitalized. By that I am referring to ritual.
If you attend church, you observe the priest or priestess engaged in ritual. As far as I am concerned, the essence of magic or magick is personal ritual, but of course it is so much more than that. Given the brilliance and genius of historic commentators it makes for a tough act to follow. For me, it has to do with meditation. I wish I could sit in a peaceful mountain cabin and never see any conflict or strife. Since that is not a luxury that I have, I find that ritual helps in creating a safe place. I say that as much I hate how the term "safe place" has fallen into disrepute in the recent political climate.
On a different note, I have really been struggling with how the evocation of the archangels and the associated elements differs from the hexagram ritual. That is, if Raphael is in the East and associated with Air why would I scribe the hexagram of Fire in that quarter?
Bottom line, I wouldn't, and thus I have my answer.
I do have obligations for confidentiality but this has no part of it. So basically, where I am at is "Fuck the hexagram ritual as defined. I will start with the hexagram of air in the East" and then proceed from there.
This question has tortured me for two weeks. Now that I've answered it for myself at the same time as I post about it I am at peace.
So, getting back to the whole question of finding another place for my esoteric blog, here I am, as I've said before. Magick may not seem that much in harmony with Christianity and vice versa, but why is the formula of INRI so important? What about the Rosy Cross? Why do the Shemhamphorash angels matter to the tarot? Why is Hebrew of absolutely central importance to Cabala?
As far as I am concerned, Air is in the East, Water is in the West, Fire is in the South and Earth is to the North and all of my practice will be adjusted accordingly.
There, I feel much better, and everything I've done today is easier than starting a Tumblr, for instance.

From My FaceBook 4-8-2017 02:21 AM

Arg, I am seriously irked. A week ago I bought a Rider-Waite tarot deck. I refrained from opening it until this evening, sort of a way to increase the significance of it. Well, I opened it and it is so glossy it disgusts me. Seriously, I am writing slowly and I cannot find the words. The cards are like disgusting sheets of plastic and I don't care for anything about them.
The last two Rider-Waite decks I have had were different, more of a matte finish which I found easy on the eyes. The first was the very first tarot deck I ever owned, dating back to the eighties (which are abased....) I got a lot of mileage out of it, but eventually the cards became a bit soiled and damaged as I was doing random things like distributing them across the dashboard of my car in a manner I thought significant at the time and sticking them into the band of my hat and various other uses which increased their wear and tear. I ended up losing a few and once it was no longer a complete deck I went about at The Wizard of Odd doing one card readings where one would draw a card which was then theirs to keep to either burn or treasure. I got an amazingly strong response on that which I found gratifying.
When my Mother passed away a few years ago I found her Rider-Waite tarot deck which was in perfect condition as it had never been a serious interest of hers, just something she had picked up in the course of her omnivorous sort of New Age tastes. I found the cards to be beautiful and even though I don't think my Mom spent a lot of time handling them I felt like they were permeated with her energy and they meant the world to me.
When it came time for me to go into the Salvation Army at the end of 2015, I put my Mom's cards into a box to go into storage with my car which was being loaned to a friend and took my Thoth deck with me. I honestly thought the stuff in my car would be more secure than that which I took with me. In fact, my Thoth deck was confiscated but later (when I left) returned to me. My car was returned in good condition, but most everything I had left inside was not. There was an excuse given, and perhaps at some point in the future those contents will be retrievable, but at this point it seems unlikely.
So, I was willing to let go of the sentimental attachment to my Mom's tarot deck, but the slick glossiness of what I purchased (at Barnes and Noble, no less) disgusts me. Seriously, I despise those cards. I had considered writing, for instance, the planetary and astrological attributes on the small cards, maybe even the shemhamphorash angelic sigils. However, the glossy slabs of shit I found in the deck I opened would not be receptive to the slightest addition.
It really makes me wonder if I should even bother with the Rider-Waite deck at all. Up until this point, I have not been in a hurry to disregard it, despite my appreciation of the Thoth deck as altogether superior. What do I have to do, try to find a used deck on eBay? The very idea is appalling.
Just the other day, the same day I bought the deck I despise, I picked up a copy of The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A.E. Waite. Of course. It's all B&W and would make a nice coloring book as all of the images are on the right hand side of the pages. It seems like a good idea to just contemplate the cards in the book and do the coloring meditations and to hell with ever bothering to actually draw a Rider-Waite card or do a reading.
OK, at this paragraph here I have agonized for several minutes regarding what to say next or to somehow conclude. I just boils down to this: tarot cards should not be glossy. It implies superficiality. Obviously, the cards themselves consist of gross matter, there's no getting around that.
In all honesty, I have to say that my beloved 80 card Thoth deck which survived the Salvation Army along with me has a bit of gloss as opposed to a matte finish. Still, it's not to the extent which makes my Rider-Waite deck feel like a stack of plastic slabs.
Maybe I'll recover my Mom's deck at some point, though I tend to doubt it. In the same bin I had my elemental tools which I finally formulated. My wand was a 24" twig with three bands of red paint that had been marked on it by a utility locator. My chalice was a milk glass cup I found in a box of abandoned Christmas decorations. My pantacle was a tobacco tin with salt, remnant tobacco and skin enclosed inside and my blade was a knife I had found in a roadside ditch. It felt profound to me that those implements were significant and then I immediately lost all of them too. Now I understand that no implement really matters and I am prepared to finish my career with no tools whatsoever.
Don't even get me started on my font.

From My Facebook 4-8-2017 3:49PM

You know, today's a feast day. I read the chapter out loud, and it was good.

Praise Horus, praise Jesus, praise the Most High Lord.

"Do I contradict myself "? (no I don't) "Very well then, I contradict myself."

I'm larger than I'd like to be and, yes, I contain multitudes.

From My Facebook 3-25-2017 9:51 PM

Had an OK day today. In general, I am so overwhelmingly bored that I volunteered to work eight hours today on what is normally part of my weekend off. As I have stated relatively recently I am neither happy nor unhappy overall. I would not say that I feel miserable when not at work, nor would I say that I feel joyful when I am there. However, at work there is a momentum from one hour to the next which is lacking during my leisure time at "home." I'd have to say that I am more satisfied working than I am at leisure.
What is leisure, really? I suppose that is a philosophical question. In theory, it is a type of freedom, somehow opposed to compulsion. So, historically, work "sucks" because there is compulsion to behave according to the construct of the "job". In contrast, leisure would be "freedom" to behave in a manner that is satisfying, but what is satisfaction, really?
Hmmm, I feel a bit false and pretentious but I'll let it ride for the sake of trying to express something. Even if I falter along the way I may nonetheless arrive somewhere in time.....
So, everything I have pursued has ended in failure of one sort or another. That is not to say that I judge myself as a "failure" overall. (Please bear with my occasional use of quotations, even if I do seem as lame as Dr. Evil when doing so. It seems relevant to me somehow.) I no longer feel that there is anything worth pursuing, and this would be reflected in recent comments that I am basically waiting to die. Please do not mistake this for an overly negative or self-destructive statement. It is extremely matter of fact.
I have recently been more inclined to read as my boredom with TV has reached absolutely soul-crushing proportions. The Book of Thoth is in my hands every single day and will be for as far as I can foresee, though I do read other works of course. I'm currently also reading "Schrodinger's Cat" by Robert Anton Wilson and "Between Planets" by Robert A. Heinlein (praise "Bob's!"). I'm also working my way through a certain massive PDF by Regardie from page one onward.
So now I do find that I am actually fairly engaged. The difficulty of expressing tenuous insight is intriguing and seems somehow worthy, though not likely to be profound in any sort of cosmic sense, which would of course be extremely disappointing to my former sense of ambition.
OK, to fish rather than cut bait I'll say that what is really rattling my world is the insight of Kether as Point, which is world-shaking to say the least. QBL, I never really got and so I generally ignored it. Hadit as Point (in circle) I fully grokked (I like to think) and now the sudden insight of Point, manifesting as one of ten concepts backed by three negative permutations which altogether form the basis for any singular object or understanding is rather mind-blowing to say the least.
My bullshit meter is going off at full volume, but I will permit myself to forge onward. In this platform, I have that freedom. What do I have to gain by this post? Who do I have to impress? Who am I bullshitting? Seriously, anyone who has read this far, has at least read this far. I was going to say more than that but what do I really know about anyone else and their interests and motivations?
To try to get back on topic, what I am finding in QBL as manifest in Tarot is TRACTION for GNANA.
Wow, I'm surprised that thought emerged as clearly as it did. I gave that sentence it's own paragraph because it deserves it. I'm not a great hatha yogi, I miss touching my toes by over a foot. I can't sit in meditation for hours, but I can sit for a whole day and deal with bullshit on the phone so I suppose that is something. What I do is discern, at least on some levels (generally non-social... yes, I am overwhelmingly oblivious in that realm....)
So, I have been discerning and discerning and discerning but I have failed to realize that which is ultimately worthwhile and my level of discernment has been simpler than the complexity of my intellect. In other words, I feel I have been able to discern simple truth which the complexity of my mind will not allow me to appreciate or rest in. In still other words, I cannot help but to create problems for myself where none need exist because I think too much. At least, that is historically true.
Getting back to QBL, the level that it is blowing my mind on is the emergence of Kether as Point from AIN, AIN SOPH and AIN SOPH AUR. That's where I'm at in terms of the stunning revelation that Kether is Point. It's like literally thirty years of understanding Point as simply omnipresent center of infinite circle took a massive leap into an understanding in relation to a system which can adequately engage my mind.
Perhaps the larger point I am trying to make here is that intellectualism for the sake of intellectualism is worthless. The simpler the understanding the better as far as I am concerned. Circle and Point is far more pure and elegant than three veils of negative existence formulating a Point which stands in relation to nine other concepts. But, if the mind won't stand still, give it the right toy to keep it engaged.
Well, this took a far more esoteric turn than I intended, but I'll keep going. Nobody expects their FB friends to read every letter of every post. I have something to say in a larger sense and I have recently broached the idea of writing a book. Does the world really need more books? Maybe, but I have something to say now and I have to drive in traffic every day. Seems like now is the time to say what I have to say. If Facebook fulfills its promise, maybe this will be here in 500 years for someone else to discover and perhaps glean an insight from. The problem with writing a book is that the task of authorship presupposes some sort of authority or basis for the arrogance of printing a text from which thousands to hundreds of thousands are supposed to read and learn.
I used to own a ten pound nitrous tank which lead me to an insight which William James may have appreciated. I would say the overwhelming summary of the related experiences could be be expressed by Walt Whitman's "to me the converging objects of the universe perpetually flow." Seriously, you're welcome, there's nitrous in a nutshell for you.
Getting back to the things like triple negatives preceding single manifestation the words of my guru in my own mind emerge: "To attain the ultimate reality, one must go beyond both the existence and the non-existence of non-Atma." ~Sri Krishna Menon ~Atmananda~

From My FaceBook 3-25-2017 6:55 PM

I had a weird dream last night. I was at a concert and saw Cary Elwes dressed as Jesus. I went up to him and said, "It's you!"

He hugged me and said, "I am here, my Son" then galloped off on a donkey.

From My FaceBook 3-11-2017 3:36 PM

I feel like it is time for an extensive philosophical ramble. It seems that philosophy is always a baseline for me to return to. That is to say that I have experimented with agnostic, atheistic, mystic, pantheistic, pagan and monotheistic viewpoints among others. I feel that I am blatantly omitting at least a couple other relevant examples, but they don't spring to mind at all.
In regard to esoteric studies in the most general sense, I feel like my actual sense of experience has almost utterly overwhelmed any significant, continued or coordinated effort at an in depth study and contemplation of the symbols. In other words, I always found my visions more compelling by far than fundamental discipline.
I never especially had a teacher, so I cannot fault my education, but I can clearly see that I myself missed an absolutely fundamental reason for the systematic study of qabala, particularly as expressed by the tarot. In other words, I did not see those studies as essential to opening a path to mystic experience because I was having those experiences in any case. What I really missed was the use of the system for understanding and integrating mystic experience.
Ultimately, I can equate this to a source of madness. It's like being a pinball with ultimate momentum and no fixed structure. Eventually you go off on a ricochet into outer space with no force to oppose or return you. The tarot and the tree of life consists of a sort of playing field for the spirit and its mental reflection. Instead of riding inertia into eternal stagnation the mercurial quality of mind can roam endlessly within the larger construct, gaining insight with every impact and change of direction instead of drifting aimlessly and eternally into infinite space,
Perhaps the clearest way to express myself is to say that it is only recently that I feel I have freed myself from superstition. The difficulty is that even genuine mystical experience tends to feed superstition. In other words, the mystic quality so transcends rationality that superstition itself seems immanently reasonable.
Another way of summarizing my recent experience would be to say I ended up being more attracted to Vedanta than Magick because the latter seemed to me to be unnecessarily complicated. It turns out that in reality it is my mind that is helplessly complicated, and the complicated elaboration of esoteric symbolism is a blessed relief. In other words, if you are not OCD, the path of simple meditation may be the most blessed and rewarded. On the other hand, if you are, that way may lie madness. The bottom line is that if you are cast out, it is better to land somewhere on the tree of life instead of embarking on a one way trip directly to nowhere (as opposed to nothing).
In an attempt to somehow ground the topic, I will say that I no longer especially have any goals, nor do feel like I will have any soon. I don't mean this in the negative sense, what I mean is that I have intentions or interests apart from any particular goal. For example, I have a job that I like pretty well and I intend to keep that job. That is not a goal, that is a course. I want to work extensively on an integrated electronic note taking system for tarot/cabala, but there is no goal involved, only the work itself. It ends up where it ends up.
It relates to reading, and I have been an ambitious reader, perhaps to a greater extent than I have been a dedicated reader. What I mean is that every time I pick up a book it becomes my goal to finish it, moreso than my intention to appreciate it. At least, that's how it has been. Now I am spending a lot of time with The Book of Thoth in my hands. I don't feel that I ever really understood it that well, but I've spent so much time looking at it before that I can keep going page after page without succumbing to a rapidly overloaded mind due to the density of the information and the careful consideration of every word used.
I guess that constitutes a decent philosophical ramble. My post-writing feelings are a bit mixed. I feel that most likely I have elaborately stated a bunch of bullshit which may be deleted with advantage. On the other hand, on the off chance I am wrong, here is my quixotic self-expression for the day. May the deity which may or may not exist bless you extensively regardless!

From My FaceBook 8-4-2015 1:05 PM

I am a scientist first and foremost and that is what yoga is, a subjective science, which is the only way to a true psychology of vitality instead of a monstrous book of pathology. The appeal of magick to me was that it offered, to my perception, what I sought from yoga without requiring renunciation, which I couldn't afford anyway.
I got caught up in some things I didn't understand. That's a lesson in life. Fortunately, because of, and only because of, my perfection of folly. I can say with absolute certainly that I succeeded in doing something. I just can't say what because it can't be done. That's the point where I can shut up because I have at last arrived at final futility.
God is not dead, and I think I can rest soundly knowing that the only result of this game that meant anything was that I prevented limited western science from completing a project to "prove" that God was merely another of the endless forms of psychological pathology.
I've torn down the lying spectre of the centuries, the only true goal of worth for me. It will be a while before because is not there again, however.
Welcome to the secular society which knows God is a fact known to real scientists the world over and could not possibly be scientifically disproved. I have no interest in bringing more religion to the world. I have put religion in its place, and it is a worthy and enduring one which can only fully flower in a completely secular larger social context.
I guess my message is: game over, everybody wins. It's a rather dis-satisfactory outcome as I hate draws. I would have rather lost. However, I discerned the path to the truth so well before I made the leap I had no possibility of winning or losing. That's the only way an enduring victory could be secured.

From My FaceBook 8-5-2015 4:07 AM

Let's just rape the wisdom of the ancients a bit more, eh, eh?

There are 80 cards in the Tarot. See, there's TWO extra Magi. Obviously. I got all three with my Thoth deck. The names are fucked though. They should be as follows:

The Juggler
The Magus
The Magician

You can stick them anywhere on the "Tree of Life" that you want. I had to stick them up my ass to get the least bit of use from them.

Haha stupid "psychics" forgetting there are THREE Magi.

PS Plural form of Magus is Magi.

From My FaceBook 8-5-2015 2:34 AM

Come back tomorrow night too, but here's a preview:

623 = 6 2/3 = 6.666666666666666666 etc, AKA Beast Mode!

I've said it before. Forget how to count and learn to read. You wouldn't believe how much time allegedly smart people have spent trying to understand something by dividing, adding and multiplying infinity.

Every number is infinite, there is no difference. Duh!


Don't Fuck With The Filth

After my chiropractic appointment today I saw Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. They congratulated me on my insights and asked if I would join the Men In Black. Those guys are both awesome so of course I agreed.

When I got home, much to my annoyance, The Hand was waiting to neutralize me. They thought I was an anti-person, can you imagine? After I made them say "Uncle" they admitted their management of Status Q was appalling and asked me to direct a Blue Ribbon Committee to review the Status Q maintenance schedule and offer any and all possible improvements for consideration. I had to decline due to my obligation to the MIB, but they managed to talk me into accepting an unpaid consultancy. Me and my damn sense of civic duty.

The Kwisatz Haderach would never waste any time being Muad'Dib.

There's nothing to see and you're imagining this and you need immediate psychiatric help.

No one fucks with The Filth.

From My Facebook 7-28-2015 8:18 AM

Sorry if I'm cluttering your feed, but since today is perhaps the most important day in my life so far I'm not too worried about it, which doesn't mean that I don't care about you. I hate that I'm such a smart ass I have to add "I mean that." Anyway, I don't think I really HAVE to work so quickly, but I like to cover all possibilities.

Incidentally, I am not an especially proud American, but I absolutely am a loyal American. I don't feel this has been questioned but I felt it worth stating. Though country is largely an accident of birth and jingoism is never admirable I find loyalty to country to be laudable. The idea of One World Government is a horror and while I think all countries should work closely together for mutual benefit, it is important that independent identities remain. In case you were wondering what I thought about it.

Anyway, back to being an American, if I ever discover anything civil authorities should be aware of for the sake of public well-being I would hasten to inform them. I'm not talking about being a rat, I'm talking about doing what every good American should do and that is reporting potential terrorist threats. I'm absolutely serious and I who can laugh about God would NEVER joke about terrorism.

I also decline to participate in the furthering of terrorism by inciting fear and potential panic at what may lay ahead. I am not an especially kind or gentle person, but I have learned tolerance and restraint to serve me in their stead. And actually, I probably am at least a little kind. Even so, I have learned that the greatest of Masters must have Compassion that would crush any mortal human being if they could experience it. As only the greatest of Masters would be directing the planetary energetic reunification I reasoned that the ultimate plan for our planet was benevolent and did not include wholesale culling. Anyone who has been chomping at the bit for that is an abomination.

The ultimate point of this post is that I am no longer afraid of my own government and given what Edward Snowden has revealed, I am quite sure that it is well aware it has no reason to be afraid of me.

I'm sorry if in my silliness it has ever seemed like I am neglectful of or unconcerned with the serious problems confronting my nation and my planet. Unfortunately, not everyone I have been working with has had their priorities straight and I've been forced to use crazy wisdom techniques for far too long. I find actually I enjoy a lucid, rational mind much more.

Compassion is indeed the vice of Kings, and wise is the King who indulges in it to excess.

With Humility

Dear Hermit,

It has been a true honor to have met you personally on several occasions in your numerous guises, such as Swami Ramanathan quite by chance at the 1989 Rainbow Gathering in Minnesota, or the gentle buddhi peacefully tending his Garden to name just a couple. I know that a wise person such as yourself is quite right to stand apart from inconsistent blabbermouths such as myself. Due to my unfortunate tendency to sarcasm I feel compelled to state this note lacks the slightest bit of it.

Your responsibilities are vast and utterly beyond by comprehension and I would never presume to question your will in the slightest. Furthermore, it would be most exceedingly improper for me to demand anything of you. I haven't even a right to ask. Also, I am sure your front door is quite nice and it would be terribly rude, not to mention criminal, for me to nail any papers to it. I'll just float them into the ether where you can access them at will. The purpose of this note is simply to advise you of my utter sincerity in the recounting of my experiences that are truly noteworthy.

I hope you know that my loyalty to you has always been so great and my devotion to our ideals so profound that I would endure personal disgrace and utterly degrading humiliation in order to serve you and protect that which must be protected eternally. It is because of this I find myself compelled to write this note.

I'm going to have to look you up one of these days. Living Light Institute, is that right? Los Angeles area? I'm so very lucky to have met a real yogi while 'shrooming at a Rainbow Gathering. Life is sure interesting, eh?

Go with God, my Brother

Will i Am

My Gnostic Catholic Creed

This the Creed of my church.

I believe in one secret and ineffable LORD; and in one Star in the company of Stars of whose fire we are created and to which we shall return; and in one Father of Life, Mystery of Mystery, in His name CHAOS, the sole viceregent of the Sun upon the Earth; and in one Air the nourisher of all that breathes.

And I believe in one Earth, the Mother of us all, and in one Womb wherein all men are begotten, and wherein they shall rest, Mystery of Mystery, in her name GAIA.

And I believe in the Hawk and the Dove, Mystery of Mystery, in His name ANANDA.

And I believe in one Gnostic and Catholic Church of Light, Life, Love and Liberty, the Word of whose Law is THELEMA.

And I believe in the communion of Saints.

And forasmuch as food and drink are transmuted in us daily into spiritual substance, I believe in the Miracle of the Mass.

And I confess one Baptism of Wisdom, whereby we accomplish the Miracle of Incarnation.

And I confess my life one, individual, and eternal that was, and is, and is to come.

A****, A****, A****
(A**** to be AUM in one of its various forms or AMEN)

The Eucharist in my Mass has no blood therein: because of my hair the trees of Eternity.

NOTE: ANANDA is not any one person. He is Jesus Christ among others. He is also my guru Sri Krishna Menon ~Atmanananda~, one of the greatest sages to ever bless the Earth. Without his direct personal assistance I would surely be utterly ravaged by insanity.

Initial Initiation

My very first initiation was shamanic in nature and occurred when I was fifteen. It was not drug-induced, it was Hefty Bag induced. I was utterly thwarted in my efforts at self-determination in both my personal life and my education. Utterly lacking any hope of a life free of slavery and reflecting that as a white, middle class, Christian male I was the epitome of all that had decimated the New World. I determined to do what I thought the best thing for it, which was the elimination of myself from it.

I tried to smother myself with a garbage bag, but I couldn't get enough air in it to breathe freely and I found myself desperately sucking on plastic. I pushed it as far as I possibly could before a surge of something that was not from within me ripped the bag away so I could gasp in a breath. To my mind, that was the goddess, though there is of course a biological explanation. I feel like she chose me for something at that moment. I've certainly never felt the same since. It sounds crazy to read it over just now, but I didn't think twice about it as I wrote. To me, it is Truth.

The point is that I was a shaman, of the New World, before anything else. As for that, I am the exemplar of not seeking after lest thereby falling. I didn't have the slightest clue what I had gotten myself into until the first act was drawing to a close. I failed on the first two approaches because I didn't know what the end or the goal might look like. I kept trying to figure out "what I was supposed to do." This last time around it struck me like a thunderclap that I would do NOTHING and that would be perfect, but I still kept running my mouth (posting).

Today was a long and dreary day and I felt flat and grey upon returning home. Somber thoughts connected and I came to a realization. I am pledged to the New World and the Old World. My philosophy is a blend of elements from each and thus I am not fully a part of either. Each is moving toward their future and though part of both I can go with neither. I think my inevitably neutral position is understood and suddenly I realize I have no fight before me (in whatever sense).

I have no idea what sort of game of thrones might be going on but I know one thing: I am here for the people and I hope to establish credentials of peace and goodwill to all.
"RESPONDEZ! Respondez!
(The war is completed—the price is paid—the title is
settled beyond recall;)
Let every one answer! let those who sleep be waked!
let none evade!
Must we still go on with our affectations and sneaking?
Let me bring this to a close—I pronounce openly for
a new distribution of roles;
Let that which stood in front go behind! and let that
which was behind advance to the front and

~Walt Whitman, Respondez! (opening excerpt)



"WHAT am I, after all, but a child, pleased with the
sound of my own name? repeating it over and
I cannot tell why it affects me so much, when I hear
it from women's voices, and from men's voices,
or from my own voice,
I stand apart to hear—it never tires me.

"To you, your name also,
Did you think there was nothing but two or three
pronunciations in the sound of your name?"

~Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass (1860)

Poetic License

My magical career can only be comprehended in a poetic sense. Through any other lens it is, of course, laughable.